4 Tips For Attracting More Customers To Your Restaurant

The idea for this article is to NAVIGATE you in the RIGHT DIRECTION for boosting your restaurant online presence and to double your customers and takeaways.

If you are not a restaurant owner/manager – don’t worry! You will still learn how to promote your business in the right way and a few very good practices used from the successful businesses.

It’s not a rocket science to apply everything you learn here in your business, but you need to be very careful to NOT waste your money without satisfying results. If you want to give it a try – do it, but be prepared that you need to be very careful what exactly you do, and keep in mind that you need some experience to try to make Online Marketing alone.

And the most important – ANALYZE the results!

The best you can do is to let our experts from DesignItPro.net to manage your Marketing Campaigns and give you the best results for growing your business!


1. Facebook Ads – Targeting by LOCATION

Imagine that you are NOT the owner of the restaurant, but you are the customer…
What is best for you? To travel 1-2 hours to eat or just to find THE BEST RESTAURANT which is 5 mins away from your home?


Your best promotional campaign will be to target people 1 mile around your restaurant + some extra specs depending on your restaurant like age, nationality, food preference and whatever you decide that may help you to target your PERFECT CUSTOMER/

For an example we have just selected random place in Central London with radius of 1 mile to show you how statistics looks like:
Targeting Audience in London
The photo above says: in 1 mile radius of the location we have 280 000 people who live there!

When we make deeper targeting we can reduce this number to 10-50 000, and that will be our PERFECT AUDIENCE.

The cost to target these people will be around £10-£50/day and for sure the success ratio will be great.



This is the best way to get a lot of free organic reach.

For example you can make weekly contest for a photo from your restaurant and give gifts like free dinner for the winners. That will cost you just a few bucks, but just imagine how many people will understand about your restaurant from THEIR FRIENDS who post photos and how many new customers you will get!


3. Google Ads with EXACT MATCH

Remember – NEVER choose general keywords like ‘restaurant’ or ‘car’!

Be as much specific as possible, because you don’t want somebody who search for ‘Italian restaurant’ to click on your ADS which are for healthy food and never become your client, but you already lost your £1 from his click!

The best part of Google Ads is that you pay only when somebody click on your ads!

This means that thousands of people will see your ads, but you will be charged only when somebody is really interested and click on your ads.

If you target your ads with correct keyword combinations and if your ‘message’ is clear and not only sounds like a great deal, but IT IS A GREAT DEAL – You will get customers from every click!

Here is an example of how many people search for ‘Chinese restaurant’ in London and whats the price per click on the ads:

As you can see there are many, many searches for Chinese restaurants(and for other for sure).

For every click you will pay only around £1 which you will turn in £10 and even more if you win the client for long term!

If you run the ADS in right way, you will notice much enhancement in your income and popularity of the restaurant.


4. Use your current clients database!

If you don’t have database with client’s emails and phones – START GENERATING IT ASAP!

You can easily get Email and Phone number of all current customers if just give them good discount for their next visit only in return of providing you the information you need.

And do you know what?

Sending emails IS COMPLETELY FREE!

Even sending SMS messages is so cheap, that you can send thousands everyday!



If you apply these 4 tips to your marketing strategy for sure you will gain a lot of more success!

BUT if you want professional help, you can contact us and we will discuss the best strategies for your business and implement them on a weekly basis.


Do you have any questions? Let Us know!

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